Logotipo Crispi

Boots to mountaineering Ski / Telemark / Backcountry
New unfreezing system with reinforcements and stabilizers in cane and sole of Carbon.
Sole Vibram. Variable hardness between 90 - 130.

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  • Imagen de la marca Crispi
  • Imagen de la marca Crispi

CRISPI® Sport, born in 1975 as a mountain shoes workplace have seen its own market raise, making it exclusive in its niche and now, one of the most precious companies in Italy and abroad.
From over 40 years, this successful binomial made the company become a world leader in all of its production niches, without any dazzling slogans or big promises but simply driven by a passion for quality footwear and the courage to put on the line the results it obtained in order to achieve constant improvement, model after model.
“Looking ahead is what this company is about. Improving every day through ongoing research into materials and technical solutions is our objective and our strength”. Alessandro Marcolin.

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