Guillem Garcia - Management - Communication
Bumpy Films - Sponsored - Film director
Cristian Boiria - Sponsored - PR + Rider + Ski instructor

Txema Trull - Sponsored - Photographer


Media Production - Bumpy Films

Mountain Guide -Roger Lopez de Haro


300 m2 / 2.700 m3 store


• Intensive presence in all distribution channels for our brands in Spain and Andorra.
• Actions focused and customized to our philosophy, and aligned with ours.
• Contacts and selection of specialist retailers.
• Contacts in the major ski resorts and in their schools.
• Experience and contacts in competitions.
• Experience in coordination of large-scale events.
• Contacts in clubs, groups and associations of freeride.
• Infrastructure required to coordinate the storage and shipping.

Our work philosophy has three props: PRODUCTION, MANAGEMENT AND MONITORING.

• Continuous report / market analysis.
• Listening activates for I+D/Feedback.
• Innovative promotional actions.
• Design and Production.

• Defense of the interests of the brand.
• Construction of long-term relations.
• Formation personalized to the retailer.
• Availability 24/365.

• Actions of promotion adapted to the retailer.
• Consultancy technician to the user.
• Direct recommendation on the verge of sale.
• Test particular and professional.

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