Market Share:

1. Catalan Pyrenees - 27%
2. Aragon Pyrenees - 21%
3. Cantabrian Mountains - 7%
4. Central mountain system - 6%
5. Iberian mountain system - 6%
6. Penibèric mountain system - 7%
7. Andorra - 26%

We have done the introduction of our brands successfully in areas of high market concentration through traditional channels. Nowadays we have presence in the 100% of the market. Our main goal is to have presence in each zone true best retailers selected.


Intensive presence in all distribution channels for our brands in Spain and Andorra by:
• Actions focused and customized to our philosophy, and aligned with ours.
• Contacts and selection of specialist retailers.
• Contacts in the major ski resorts and in their schools.
• Experience and contacts in competitions.
• Experience in coordination of large-scale events.
• Contacts in clubs, groups and associations of freeride.
• Infrastructure required to coordinate the storage and shipping.