Professionals per zone:

1. Catalan Pyrenees (2+2)
2. Aragon Pyrenees (1)
3. Cantabrian Mountains (1)
4. Central mountain system (1)
5. Iberian mountain system (-)
6. Penibèric mountain system (-)

7. Andorra (1+3)

In Bold current contacts.

Map of retailers

Professionals selected by areas:

Ski-Schools, Mountain Guides, Riders Associations and others related to Freeride activities.
Relations with different levels of professionals involved in the ski.
Esponsorization of Riders, Guides of Mountain and schools of ski for a better diffusion in every area.
In bold Contacted, in black with ceded stock for Test, in grey future contacts.

Catalan Pyrenees

    CEC -
    BumpyFilms -
    Escuela eMOTION -
    Era Escola -

Aragon’s Pyrenees

Huesca - Gorgol -

Cantabrian Mountains System

Santander - Club Trepariscos -

Central Mountain System

Madrid - RecMountain -

Iberian Mountain System

La Rioja - Toro Cuervo -

Penibéric Mountain System

Granada - Rickytaum -

Andorran Pyrenees

    Ski Pasion -
    Esports Elit -
La Massana / Ordino
    Comnou Freeride -
    Esports les Planes -

Competitions and Events

The competitions and events related to the Freeride have a great snow conditions for these current season. We are supporting them !! Contacts made with the organizers and the Riders to introduce the brand for current season:

El Dorado Freeride 2017 - Joan Masferrer -
Freeride Val d’Aran - Associcio Doctor X Pirineus -
VLF Freeride Tavascan - Vehículo Longo Freeride -
Freeride Weekend 2017 Piau-Engaly - Mundo Rider -